Our Company

Mountain Interval was built by local mental health professionals who feel that the youth of our community should all have the opportunity to excel. Those diagnosed with psychological disorders are often at a disadvantage. We seek to provide tools and life skills to enale children with extra challenges to overcome obstacles, grow stronger, and thrive in society. The children and youth of Southern Nevada will grow to be the citizens and leaders of tomorrow, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Trainers (PSR's)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services reduce symptoms seen in your child’s thinking and behavior, and lift children and adolescents to their highest possible level of functioning. They are Mental Health interventions designed to reduce interpersonal, cognitive, behavioral, and developmental psychosocial dysfunction. We target functioning within a variety of social settings, and teach skills in the following areas: Behavior Management, Social Competency, Problem Identification and Resolution, Effective Communication, Moral Reasoning, Identity and Emotional Intimacy, Self-sufficiency, Life Goals, and Sense of Humor. PSR effectivley addresses symptoms of ADHD, ODD, Bipolar Disorder, and more.

Basic Skills Trainers (BST's)

Basic Skills Training (BST) services teach age-appropriate cognitive and behavioral skills to children and adolescents who are developmentally delayed. They are Rehabilitative Mental Health interventions designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairments and lift recipients to their highest possible level of functioning. BST services help recipients learn constructive cognitive and behavioral skills through positive reinforcement, modeling, operant conditioning, and other training techniques. BST services teach recipients a variety of life skills, and may include: Basic Living and Self-care, Social Skills, Communication Skills, Parental Training, and Organization and Time Management.